The iPAT-LAB Team during an experimental campaign with the LLNL-JLF technical team


Our group consists of people coming from different countries and having different backgrounds, thus forming a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment. In order to be more efficient and profit from the numerous collaborations that we have, our team members work dislocated in different laboratories and facilities, forming a network of professionals who are interested in challenging, rewarding opportunities offered by science and technology. Since iPAT-LAB is what the team members want it to be, we count on the contribution of each single individual in order to let our group become a pleasant and enriching working environment and to maximize the overall performance. We expect from each team member to be a cheerful and inspiring team-player that integrates the group with complementary expertise, dynamism, flexibility and readiness to help.

Members, past and current

Patrizio Antici

Group Lead

Jordan Arnesano

Master Student

Electromagnetic Pulse generation during Laser-plasma interaction

Jordan Arnesano

Master Student

Electromagnetic Pulse generation during Laser-plasma interaction

Marianna Barberio

Senior Scientist

Proton Acceleration and Applications – Electron Acceleration – Electron Diffraction - Nanomaterials  Material Science

Charles Bienvenue

Master Student

High-precision alignment system

Guy Lebrun


CAD design

Chiara Liberatore


Electron Acceleration – Electron Diffraction - Material Science - Higher Order Harmonic Generation

Antonia Morabito

PhD Student

Laser-driven Proton Acceleration for Material Science

Kwinten Nelissen

Senior Scientist

Electromagnetic Radiation, EMP problems during Laser-matter interaction

Stéphane Payeur

Research Associate

High-power lasers and interactions

Pilar Puyuelo Valdés

PhD Student

Laser-driven Proton Acceleration for Nuclear Physics

Martina Salvadori
Martina Salvadori


Laser-Driven Proton Acceleration using Foam targets

Massimiliano Scisciò


Laser-Driven Proton Beamlines and Applications

Fabio Romano

Master Student

Laser for Nanocrystal generation

Simon Vallières

PhD Student

Laser-driven proton beams and applications

Simona Veltri

Post-doc (outgoing)

Novel Diagnostics and Preservation techniques in the Cultural Heritage

Past group members

Jasmine Poitier
Development of a 10 Hz, few mJ laser at a wavelength of 1.8 µm
Summer 2014 – now student at U. Laval

Simona Veltri
Laser-generated protons for applications in Cultural Heritage
PhD 2013-2015

Massimiliano Scisciò
Laser-driven proton beamlines and applications
PhD 2013-2015

Antoine Bois
Characterisation de diagnostics pour accelerateur laser-plasma
Summer 2013 – now student at U. Laval

Sylvain de Léséleuc
Modélisation physique d’une tuyère et d’un jet de gaz
Summer 2013 – now Master at ETH

Fabio Cardelli
Laser Ion Acceleration With Low Density Targets: A New Path Towards High, Intensity, High Energy Ion Beams For Medical Applications
Master 2012-2013 – now PhD at INFN

Francesco Filippi
Uso di film radiocromici per uso medico EBT2 calibrati e di fasci di protoni accelerati da un laser per misurare la densità di un plasma per la fusione nucleare.
Master 2012-2013 – now PhD at INFN

Massimiliano Scisciò
Investigation of acceleration mechanism in ultrathin targets using PIC simulations
Master 2012-2013 – now PhD at U. Roma1 / INRS

Anna Girobono
Optimization of a plasma-based short pulse laser amplifier
Master 2012-2013 – now PhD at INFN

Laura Vassura
Ultra-short neutron bunches generated by laser-driven proton acceleration
PhD 2012-2014

Claudio Sinisi
Progetto di una linea di cattura e trasporto di un fascio di elettroni generato da interazione laser-plasma
Master 2011/2012 – now in IT Industry

Marco Diomede
Progettazione di un canale di cattura e trasporto per fasci di elettroni accelerati mediante interazione laser-plasma
Master 2011-2012 – now in industry

Daniele Capelli
Study of laser-accelerated ion beams using ultra-high power lasers
Master 2009-2010 – now in IT Industry

Luca Lampariello
Post-accelerazione da interazione plasma-laser
Master  2009-2010 – now in industry

Daniele Giacopello
Cattura e trasporto di un fascio di elettroni generato mediante accelerazione ad onda di plasma
Master 2008-2009 – now in R&D industry

Alessandro Venzaghi
Progetto di una linea di trasporto per un fascio di elettroni generato da interazione laser-plasma
(Progetto Europeo Extreme Light Infrastructure)
Master 2007-2008 – now in industry

Mauro Fazi
Acceleration and transport of laser-generated protons generated in laser-solid target interaction
Master 2005-2006 – now in industry