The iPAT-LAB Team during an experimental campaign with the LLNL-JLF technical team


Our group consists of people coming from different countries and having different backgrounds, thus forming a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment. In order to be more efficient and profit from the numerous collaborations that we have, our team members work dislocated in different laboratories and facilities, forming a network of professionals who are interested in challenging, rewarding opportunities offered by science and technology. Since iPAT-LAB is what the team members want it to be, we count on the contribution of each single individual in order to let our group become a pleasant and enriching working environment and to maximize the overall performance. We expect from each team member to be a cheerful and inspiring team-player that integrates the group with complementary expertise, dynamism, flexibility and readiness to help.

Current group members

Patrizio Antici

Group Lead

Jordan Arnesano

Master Student

Electromagnetic Pulse generation during Laser-plasma interaction

Marianna Barberio

Senior Scientist

Proton Acceleration and Applications – Electron Acceleration – Electron Diffraction - Nanomaterials  Material Science

Charles Bienvenue

Master Student

High-precision alignment system

Guy Lebrun


CAD design

Chiara Liberatore


Electron Acceleration – Electron Diffraction - Material Science - Higher Order Harmonic Generation

Antonia Morabito

PhD Student

Laser-driven Proton Acceleration for Material Science

Kwinten Nelissen

Senior Scientist

Electromagnetic Radiation, EMP problems during Laser-matter interaction

Stéphane Payeur

Research Associate

High-power lasers and interactions

Pilar Puyuelo Valdés

PhD Student

Laser-driven Proton Acceleration for Nuclear Physics

Martina Salvadori
Martina Salvadori


Laser-Driven Proton Acceleration using Foam targets

Massimiliano Scisciò


Laser-Driven Proton Beamlines and Applications

Fabio Romano

Master Student

Laser for Nanocrystal generation

Simon Vallières

PhD Student

Laser-driven proton beams and applications

Simona Veltri

Post-doc (outgoing)

Novel Diagnostics and Preservation techniques in the Cultural Heritage

Past group members

Jasmine Poitier
Development of a 10 Hz, few mJ laser at a wavelength of 1.8 µm
Summer 2014 – now student at U. Laval

Simona Veltri
Laser-generated protons for applications in Cultural Heritage
PhD 2013-2015

Massimiliano Scisciò
Laser-driven proton beamlines and applications
PhD 2013-2015

Antoine Bois
Characterisation de diagnostics pour accelerateur laser-plasma
Summer 2013 – now student at U. Laval

Sylvain de Léséleuc
Modélisation physique d’une tuyère et d’un jet de gaz
Summer 2013 – now Master at ETH

Fabio Cardelli
Laser Ion Acceleration With Low Density Targets: A New Path Towards High, Intensity, High Energy Ion Beams For Medical Applications
Master 2012-2013 – now PhD at INFN

Francesco Filippi
Uso di film radiocromici per uso medico EBT2 calibrati e di fasci di protoni accelerati da un laser per misurare la densità di un plasma per la fusione nucleare.
Master 2012-2013 – now PhD at INFN

Massimiliano Scisciò
Investigation of acceleration mechanism in ultrathin targets using PIC simulations
Master 2012-2013 – now PhD at U. Roma1 / INRS

Anna Girobono
Optimization of a plasma-based short pulse laser amplifier
Master 2012-2013 – now PhD at INFN

Laura Vassura
Ultra-short neutron bunches generated by laser-driven proton acceleration
PhD 2012-2014

Claudio Sinisi
Progetto di una linea di cattura e trasporto di un fascio di elettroni generato da interazione laser-plasma
Master 2011/2012 – now in IT Industry

Marco Diomede
Progettazione di un canale di cattura e trasporto per fasci di elettroni accelerati mediante interazione laser-plasma
Master 2011-2012 – now in industry

Daniele Capelli
Study of laser-accelerated ion beams using ultra-high power lasers
Master 2009-2010 – now in IT Industry

Luca Lampariello
Post-accelerazione da interazione plasma-laser
Master  2009-2010 – now in industry

Daniele Giacopello
Cattura e trasporto di un fascio di elettroni generato mediante accelerazione ad onda di plasma
Master 2008-2009 – now in R&D industry

Alessandro Venzaghi
Progetto di una linea di trasporto per un fascio di elettroni generato da interazione laser-plasma
(Progetto Europeo Extreme Light Infrastructure)
Master 2007-2008 – now in industry

Mauro Fazi
Acceleration and transport of laser-generated protons generated in laser-solid target interaction
Master 2005-2006 – now in industry